Will Ebury RE rehab an as/is property so I can live there?
Of course we will. Please contact us about the property and the work that you are looking to have completed.
Does Ebury RE also buy properties?
Yes, let us know what you are looking to sell.
What is a portfolio transaction?
A portfolio transaction, also known as a bulk transaction, involves multiple properties bought or sold at the same time. Ebury does both portfolio purchases and sales.  Additionally, these transactions can qualify for financing from our affiliate Red Clover. 
Who is Ebury RE?

 Ebury RE's property business began through the acquisition and disposition of property through our affiliated company’s non-performing loan and lien portfolios. We have organically grown our operational and investment footprint to include multiple properties types in various locations. We are constantly seeking new opportunities that match our identified investment profile.

How do I make contact with Ebury RE?

 Call or text us at 212.634.9097. Email us to info@eburyre.com . Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ebury/

Does Ebury RE lend money for purchases?

Our affiliated company Red Clover lends money to qualified candidates to buy our properties as well other real estate transactions.  

What does the sales term “AS IS” mean?

 Wholesale properties are typically sold "AS IS". This means that the seller will not improve the property.

What is “REO”?

 Real Estate Owned property is ownership acquired through a foreclosure legal process.